In an earlier incarnation, Bruce Mulkey was an arrogant pickup-truck-driving, beer-swilling, self-centered cynic who built log houses for a living. Having miraculously survived that era, he now is a politically progressive, spiritually aware, bike-riding, cat-loving writer living contentedly with his wife, Shonnie Lavender, and daughter, Gracelyn, in the eclectic little city of Asheville, North Carolina.


Shonnie, Gracelyn & Bruce

Bruce’s essays can be found at The Good Men Project, where he is a regular contributor. He also served as an editorial columnist for the Asheville Citizen-Times for five years, and his essays and commentaries have appeared at Common Dreams News Center, Intervention Magazine, Information Clearing House, Truthout, and among other print and online publications.

In 2008, Bruce served as an Obama field organizer in Ohio. Since that time, he has worked for Cecil Bothwell in his Asheville City Council races as well as for Patsy Keever in her campaigns for the NC State House and U.S. Congress.

Bruce and Shonnie co-authored I Do! I Do! The Marriage Vow Workbook, which was published in July 2006. He has also published two collections of his commentaries–Peaceful Patriots: Taking a stand for peace in an era of endless war and Walking Our Talk: Taking radical responsibility for our lives and our world. In 2011, Bruce published Happiness Now!, a little book of suggestions for creating greater happiness in one’s life. (See the Books page for more info.)

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