My daughters

We didn’t tell her what to think,
Or any rules to follow.10-9-14 035

We didn’t tell her what to feel,
Or how to anger swallow.

We couldn’t teach her to be real,
And not to feign emotion.

We wouldn’t tell her how life is,
We let go of that notion.

But in the end we knew that she,
Would get just what she needed.

By loving her right here, right now,
This moment . . . then repeat it.

Gracelyn & her new kitten Pearl

Gracelyn & her new kitten Pearl

Everyone’s heard the old saying “You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.” Well, when we were kids, one of the ringleaders of our gang would say to one of our young initiates, “I don’t think you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.” “Do too,” was the likely response from the youngster.

Then the leader would take a stick and draw a hole in the dirt saying, “This is your ass” and then draw another hole beside it saying, “This is a hole in the ground.” Next he’d ask the kid, “OK, so which one’s your ass?” Inevitably youngster point to the hole in the ground that had been designated as his/her ass. And we’d all laugh raucously, “Ha, ha, don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground!”

Pretty funny, huh? Well, I tried it with my 3.5 year old daughter Gracelyn tonight (using “butt” instead of “ass”), and when I got to the part about asking her “Which one’s your butt?” she immediately pointed to her actual bottom. :-)

  1. I was a scrawny little kid who was frequently ill. One of my elementary school teachers even referred to me as “sickly.”
  2. I played football with reckless abandon from junior high through college, though I have no interest whatsoever in watching games on the gridiron any longer.

    Go Vols!

    Go Vols!

  3. My favorite color is blue. More than half the shirts in my closet are some shade of blue.
  4. I graduated from college thanks to football, the military draft and amphetamines. After earning my undergraduate degree, I went to law school–½ quarter at the University of Tennessee and ½ day at Vanderbilt.
  5. I kicked my addiction to alcohol around 25 years ago, though I still enjoy a beer (usually a Highland Gaelic Ale) with my pizza or burrito.
  6. I am not involved in any form of organized religion, though I endeavor to follow the teachings of Christ, as well as those of Buddha, Vishnu, Confucius, Krishna, Gandhi, Bob Dylan, Howard Hanger and The Big Kahuna, among others. (more…)

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