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4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Mary Calhoun Says:

    You are a GREAT man, right up there with Monroe Gilmour (who has been a friend of ours for over 20 years)–LOVED your column in today’s C-T.

  2. brucemulkey Says:

    Thanks so much, Mary. I really appreciate your kind words and am glad you resonated with my column.

  3. Clive Broadbent Says:

    Bruce, your op-ed in the ACT this morning was correct.

    Unfortunately a debate about beliefs is futile, since belief is not based on facts. One can debate philosophy, principles, strategy or design.

    The debacle in Raleigh will be reversed.

    The major issue of today is climate change, and by reduction, carbon combustion.

    “We all become part of the soup in which we are swimming!”

    Best Regards

    Clive Broadbent

  4. Richard Winchell Says:


    Thank you for your excellent guest editorial in today’s A-CT. As another old, white man who wants to move forward I appreciate both your ideas and word craft. Keep helping to bend the moral arc of history toward justice!


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