I work with socially responsible organizations and progressive political campaigns to enhance internal and external communications, providing a broad range of writing services—from inspiring speeches to compelling brochures to dynamic website copy.

I also create convincing essays and op-eds on and have written on such topics as the climate crisis, racism, war and peace, gun control, parenting, and aging for publication in traditional and social media. My work has been published in The Washington PostThe Huffington Post, OpEd NewsSelfGrowth.comThe Good Men Project, and The ManKind Project, among other publications.

Finally, given my personal experience in doing so, I also can also research and write biographies and family histories.

I work with organizations to develop strategic, marketing, and public relations plans. Furthermore I am adept at enrolling and empowering team members to implement these plans.

Project Management
I manage projects impeccably and complete them on time, within budget and without drama. I have the ability to grasp the big picture and, at the same time, discern details that must be handled for a project’s success.

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