Our little girl at 2.5 years old

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It’s finally dawned on me: We’ve now got another full-fledged member of the family. Yeah, I know, I’ve said something similar before, but these days our family has a whole new dynamic. Gracelyn at age 2.5 takes part in meaningful conversations, organizes occasional dance parties, cajoles us into evening walks under the stars and takes part in our evening ritual of sharing what we’re grateful for that day. And that’s just for starters.

Gracelyn at age 2.5

Last night, as she has every evening since Gracelyn was born, Shonnie was sharing affirmations with Gracelyn: “You are loveable. You are worthy. You are whole. You are perfect exactly as you are.”

Gracelyn took it all in, and when Shonnie was complete, she responded to her mother with utmost sincerity: “Your heart is good. Your eyes are good. Your nursies are good. Your hair is good.”

I talked with Shonnie this afternoon about calling Gracelyn something other than “baby” at this point, instead using “girl” or “little girl.” Of course, Gracelyn named herself Baby Ghee, and we won’t mess with that, but it’s clear to anyone around who’s around her for a while that she’s not a baby anymore.

Gracelyn is, in fact, a bright, perceptive, creative, sensitive, independent, inquisitive, energetic, funny, loving, loveable, generous, compassionate little girl who spreads joy and laughter wherever she goes.

This afternoon, as Gracelyn was nursing, the prelude to her afternoon nap, Gracelyn told Shonnie, “When my nipples get big, you can nurse on them, Momma.”

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  • Lily

    Oh I want to meet this little girl!

    • brucemulkey

      Hey, Lily, you may not remember this, but I babysat for you a few times when you were just a little older than Gracelyn is now. Your Mom would drop you off at my little cottage on Mt. Bonnell Road, and you’d sometimes climb around on the little rock wall behind my place.

      I have very dear memories of you, Sharon, Tom, Justin and Stanley. When I first moved to Austin in the early 1990s, Saturday night was movie night followed by Star Trek. You guys were my surrogate family, and I’ll never forget how you welcomed me into the fold.

      I hope you’re doing well. And I hope that you have the opportunity to meet our little girl someday soon. My love to you and all your family.

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