Becoming Myself

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Nothing to live up to,
Nothing to live down.
No one to castigate,
No one to crown.

Nothing needs fixing,
No one to blame.
No one is guilty,
No need to feel shame.

I am just me now,
Nobody else,
If I’m who you wanted,
I give up myself.

I am who I am now,
And that’s OK with me.
I am who I am now,
I set myself free.

I let go of my judgment,
I let go of my stance,
No more self-reproachment,
I let myself dance.

I’d run and I’d hide,
But not anymore.
I’m right here now with you,
Both feet on the floor.

I’m here, I’m committed,
Down this path I will journey.
I hope you’ll come with me,
There’s not any hurry.

Bruce Mulkey, March 23, 1998

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  • Charles Price

    I love it Bruce!

    • Bruce Mulkey

      Thanks a lot, Charles. I uncovered my poem this morning going through a collection of quotations. When I teared up reading it, I decided to share it with the world.

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