A poem for Gracelyn

 In Caring for our children, Embracing our connection, My daughters

We didn’t tell her what to think,
Or any rules to follow.10-9-14 035

We didn’t tell her what to feel,
Or how to anger swallow.

We couldn’t teach her to be real,
And not to feign emotion.

We wouldn’t tell her how life is,
We let go of that notion.

But in the end we knew that she,
Would get just what she needed.

By loving her right here, right now,
This moment . . . then repeat it.

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  • Jen

    And I know this isn’t some ideal or fiction to create a poem — you two LIVE those words every day, and Gracelyn is proof of that intention.

    Love you!

    • Bruce Mulkey

      Thanks so much, Jen. Sorry it took me a while to approve your comment.

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