My morning wakeup

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Just as I sit down at my computer this morning

To tackle my ever-expanding list of things to do

My cat Attabi silently slips into my office with an entirely different agenda

As he hops on my desk and lies in front of my keyboard




Attabi balks as I try to shoo him away

And his persistent presence gives me pause

To remember that I’m not just here

To churn out disposable income

To amass more superfluous stuff

To boost my sagging sense of self-importance


For in the end, on this January morning what could be more important

Than gently applying the brakes to my overactive mind

And forgoing, for the moment at least, the demands with which I’m (self) encumbered

Taking the time to cuddle and caress this gentle-spirited boy

And delight in the unyielding bond between us

(January 29, 2010)

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