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The 2020 general election is upon us and could prove to be the most important election in the history of the U.S., an opportunity to uphold our democratic values and stop the slide toward authoritarianism. Below is information about how you can cast your vote in North Carolina and help change the course of our nation.


The 2020 general election is only weeks away, and if you haven’t already voted, it’s time to plan how you will vote. But first of all, you must be registered. Register to vote (or make sure you’re registered)!

Absentee/Vote By Mail

You may request your mail-in ballot now and either (1) mail it in or (2) hand deliver it to Buncombe County Election Services at 77 McDowell Street in Asheville or (3) hand deliver it to an early voting site. Get information on voting by mail.

Vote Early In-Person

Early voting in North Carolina begins on October 15 and ends on October 31. You may also register to vote at the early voting sites during this period. Get information on early voting.

View the early voting sites in Buncombe County.

Vote on Election Day In-Person

Of course, you may choose to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3. Our Montford Precinct 2.1 votes at Montford North Star Academy, 90 Montford Avenue. Get information on Election Day voting.


Sample Ballot

View a sample ballot.


Get involved by supporting worthy candidates.




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